Gage County PATCH 

Healthy Lifestyles
Planned Approach To Community Health
Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center


Our "MISSION" is to promote coordination and resource sharing in health promotion and education; and ultimately to enhance the health and health awareness of the citizens of Gage County (Nebraska)

  In coordination with the National Health Objectives, Gage County PATCH has targeted four objectives as guidelines in planning for the year 2010: Click to View Objectives






























Visit the links below for current health & wellness activities and information:

“Healthy Minds/Healthy Bodies”

10 tips to help you stretch your food dollars

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or visit the website

Eat Well…How Healthy Eating Helps

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Your Heart Asks….How Much Exercise Do You Need?...What is Good Nutrition?   Find the answers that are good for you….

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With increasing economic troubles piled on to the stress of work and family demands, more and more Americans are suffering.

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Important tips for preventing overweight in children

Watching too much television is often linked closely with overweight in children.

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"Getting Physically Active"

How exercise helps your mood

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"How Helping Others Helps You"

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How Stress Hurts...

Are You Too Stressed?


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